A downloadable game for Windows

This is our entry for the GMTK Game Jam 2019!

Welcome to our restaurant! Here you´ll enjoy a buffet full of tasty food for the cheap price of absolutely nothing, but there is one rule : You can only serve yourself one plate, as full as you are able to . 

Try to make it count and create the tallest food tower humanity has ever seen !



Left Click : Pick / drop item

Right Click : Zoom

CTRL: Move downwards

Space bar : Move Upwards

WASD: Rotate selected item

Z and X : Rotate Dish

R: Reset



Design / programming : Francisco Perez Alvarez

Art : Rubén Calles Lijó and Alberto Abal Silva

Music by : Julio Abal Silva


Twitter ; @NhilisticRobot , @ruben_oluwa , @AndrewEWiggin


Drinks_not_Included.zip 192 MB


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For whatever reason, Chrome blocks this download as it detects a virus. :(

Take playing with your food to a whole new level with 'Drinks Not Included'; the banquet stack 'em up that'll leave you hungry for more!

Succulent hot chicken. crispy onion rings. Fresh sushi. All this and more is waiting to be stacked upon high!

To make this game even more delicious I would recommend having a means to measure your success. This could take the form of a tape measure next to your plate so that you can see how high your food architecture is and would allow you to compare your score to others to tower above the competition

Other than that I had so much fun with this little Itch Dot Io Indie. Sadly I ended up having a lot of floor food (curse these butterfingers!) but I had a wonderful relaxing time regardless <3


Not bad game. But need more content